Daily Radio Program

The rhythm of "Upper Radio" is an eclectic and groove musical selection that crosses genres and eras.

Eclectic & Groove

6:00am — 1:00pm (CET)

Various grooves to start the day

Explore the world of easy listening music, in an elegant selection of multiple styles: broken beat, acid jazz, abstract hip-hop, nu-disco, deep house...

Old Groove

1:00pm — 3:30pm (CET)


Best Soul, Jazz Funk tracks from our archives. Ideal to properly start your afternoon

Hip-Hop Xperience

3:30pm — 5:00pm (CET)

Urban Grooves

Experience in the world of US and French Hip-Hop. 90's oldskool style

Hot Groove

5:00pm — 6:00am (CET)

Rock your ass, now...

Our selection of House and Deep House. Solid grooves all night long...

and Every Friday at 6pm: Upper Mix Session, with DJ Guests around the World.

News & Timeline

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Photo Gallery

Some photos picked during Upper Radio live events


Live at L'étoile


The Twisted Masters, Michel & Nathalie (L’étoile - Café Cantine), Joseph (Tribal Jam).


DJ set - Summer Fest


Sebü Bee B2B Olivier Sarry


Live at Studios


Marakatoo + Trio fanzine


Live at Studios


FreddiFR3d (Hip-hop + Bass)


Live at Studios


The Twisted Masters - Deep House Set